Monday, October 20, 2014

Exterior Doors

Since I mentioned interior doors, I wanted to move on to the exterior doors of the house.

If you remember the original floorplan of the house, you’ll notice how many exterior doors it had planned.

15 Exterior Doors!

Those doors were immediately eliminated when I started revising the plan to fit our needs. I did not want to go around checking 10 doors at night to make sure they were locked. I like only having to check 2 (front and back)!

Of course, our new plan is nothing like the original we started with. I intend to only share pieces of the home for the safety of my family.
In the new house, there are 4 exterior doors. The front door is designed on the floorplan to have sidelights. I’ve steered away from sidelights for safety reasons of someone breaking the glass and easily reaching the doorknob. But I also like the idea of letting more natural light come in.

To remain with privacy, I’ve selected a solid door. It won’t let light in, but it will add security.

The side porch serves as my mom’s entry for her visitors to use.

Because that door does not look directly into a room, I am wanting to let it be a door with a window in it.

I am particular about the looks of it. I love my friend, Ashley’s door. I would take that design in a heartbeat!

I am still undecided on making the glass seeded or clear. That will probably be a decision I make at the last minute and go with it.

The back doors that come off the family room are double French doors. I want those to be as unobstructed as possible. They will provide a great view of the backyard.

I am kind of picky on the style of this door as well. I found a great set for a great price at Lowes.

While browsing in a local HomeDepot, I did stumble across a set of Anderson French Doors that were a return item. Instead of being $3000+ they were marked down to $1775. They are beautiful! But the doors I’ve selected are well below that sale price, so I just don’t think it is worth it.

My builder did ask if we were partial to a brand, and I said, “No.” We don’t even need the doors to be wood (more maintenance). Our requirement is that it can be fiberglass or steel and paintable. I’m sure I will be painting these doors at some point.

What is your style of doors?

Monday, October 13, 2014

Interior Doors

I’m learning a lot in this building process. There are so many places to add character to a home, and some come with an expensive price tag. Throughout this building process, it has been my goal to make this home feel like it was built a century ago when a lot of thought when into a home design. Yet, at the same time, I enjoy the modern conveniences of air conditioning, washers and dryers and plumbing.

When it came to doors, they were the first thing that I thought brought instant character. Doors and doorknobs do it for me. I love the look of a doorknob with a long backplate.

The door itself can be many different styles. On this, I am not too picky. I like the shaker style.

I like traditional.

I like the craftsman.

I even like the beadboard.

However, I know the beadboard would grow old on me, so I am veering away from it. Although, I am instantly drawn to the craftsman door, my house is not the craftsman style and I fear I would regret choosing a style I only used on my doors.

However, I do like the craftsman door trim. I am not sure if I can use that style with a traditional style door.

When we met with the builder for our initial walk-thru of our wants, we mentioned that we would like solid-core interior doors. Our current house has hollow core interior doors. Hollow-core can be less expensive, but doesn’t feel solid and it lets more sound travel through. I could live with hollow-doors, but again, we were listing our wants.

The builder mentioned the cost that comes along with solid core doors. The price can be DOUBLE! We are all for saving money where it matters, so he gave us an alternative. We could splurge on solid-core doors for the bedrooms and use hollow-core for closets and such. That got instant approval from us.

We have a lot of storage spaces in the house, and the cost of solid-core doors would have added up on spaces where it didn’t matter.

Hopefully, this saving strategy can help someone else out as well.

Monday, October 6, 2014

Mr. Brigglesworth is Two!

Mr. Brigglesworth turned two on Wednesday. We didn't celebrate it until Saturday with family, but we did do a few things special on his actual day.

Nana and Boppa sent a gift that we let him open that morning before breakfast.

It was a huge hit. Little JCrew also wanted to play with it.

Mr. Brigglesworth had a favorite page ... the train! He wouldn't let us turn the page to see what else was in the book.

On Saturday, we spent the morning watching the cousins play soccer and then we had lunch.

I forgot the most important bag for Little JCrew's birthday party, so we used the same theme for Mr. Brigglesworth's party so we could use the supplies. 

It was a pirate party!

In order to get a piece of cake, you had to dress like a pirate!

It worked.

Mr. Brigglesworth LOVES to sing "Happy Birthday." He was so excited to have it sung to him.

He didn't want to blow out the candles.

Little JCrew actually blew out the candles first, so we re-lit them and tried again.

We ended up helping him.

He was still happy!

Aunt Kelsey loves Mr. Brigglesworth.

She tossed him upside-down and he loved it.

Aunt Kelsey has a little one who loves Mr. JCrew.  She's beautiful.

Opening presents was a hit! Little JCrew and Cousin Claire helped unwrap the presents.

We did end up giving Little JCrew identical gifts because we have a lot of arguments.

Mimi actually gave Mr. Brigglesworth at least two toys Little JCrew already has so that he has his own.

Ninja Turtles are a big hit right now along with anything that has to do with construction. Grandpa J and Grandma Suzy gifted some turtles and some construction vehicles. He found some sand and went to town.

It's cute to see the boys grow up with their cousins. Little JCrew is older where Cousin Claire plays with him. She even used him as a human target.

One day, Mr. Brigglesworth will be old enough that the big kids take him in. I just still can't believe it's been two years. I remember his delivery very clearly still.

Monday, September 29, 2014

Kitchen Sink

I mentioned when I explained the kitchen, that I was finally going to have a farmhouse sink.

I scanned this picture from a magazine YEARS ago (as you can tell). I hung that picture on my refrigerator to stare at every day. I loved the faucet, too. My mind has not changed these many years later. That sink will continue to be a love of mine (in the flesh).

When I really studied my floorplan, I noticed the sink did not line up with the range.

I knew this would bother me, so I decided to look into how to center it.

The sink was centered on the island, so maybe all it would take was to inch the island over a little so that the sink remained centered on the island and then the sink would also be centered with the range.

This felt much better to me.  This island itself would also be centered with the stove wall. The wall with the stove will be the only wall with a backsplash.

The wall with the fridge will have "Pantry" cabinets. It's so funny how I come up with ideas. I kind of know in general the direction I am going, but once I see a picture that helps relate my vision, I say, "That's it!" And that is what I said when I saw the picture below.

I might not necessarily copy the colors or everything about it, but as for the cabinets themselves and the wire on the door, that is it! I can already envision putting my cookbooks and wine glasses on the shelves; along with my mom's pottery, too. 

I hope you've had fun with me sharing all that goes on in my head. I'm so glad that I have kept a journal of thoughts. It's made the design process easier.

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