Thursday, March 5, 2015

Second Floor Framing Almost Complete

On Saturday, the framing to the second floor began. On Monday, the crew was back, hard at work, to get the second floor complete.

On Saturday, I noticed they marked the foundation with the curve that would be upstairs around the stairs. On Monday, they created the subfloor with that curve.

A lot of framing happened on the second floor. More rooms started taking shape.

The subfloor to the second floor that is over a hallway took shape on Monday, too. This was the first time I was seeing them use the metal brackets.

On Tuesday, they finished the second floor framing. The only thing left is the front wall to the closet at the front of the house.

You can see a small jut-out that will be subtle. To do this they went from 2x4 to 2x6.

The stairwell is visible now that it has walls.

And you can visualize the loft that is outside the kids' bedrooms.

There are also some different heights to the window headers we have to fix. Just like the first floor, I assumed all windows would be at the same height, no matter what their size.

On Wednesday, we saw the biggest change. The kitchen ceiling has been left last to do.They knocked that out quickly Wednesday morning.

There was also a closet missing in the kitchen that finally got installed.

It will also serve as a wall for cabinets in the kitchen. I was so excited to see it up. It adds a lot to the space.

The master ceiling got its final ceiling beams put up on Wednesday.

And now I can claim the first floor framing to be complete.

But the exciting progress made was that we have the beginnings of a garage!

It now helps me see where the back porch is.

I don't think they are quite done with the garage, and we need to put ceiling beams in it.

We're one step closer to getting the trusses up to get a roof on this house.

And the window guy called to say my windows came in on Monday! Yay! Next up, order brick and shingles!

Sunday, March 1, 2015

Second Floor Started

The seven inches of snow we received melted inside the house by the end of Thursday. On Friday, the crew was able to come out and finish the second floor decking they had started on Tuesday.

The placement of beams to make the second floor is very artistic. There are LVL (laminated Veneer Lumber) placed strategically in places.

And the 24" LVL beam we were waiting on arrived and it was put in place. This beam runs between the dining room and living room.

Once that beam was in place, a lot of progress went on to finish the decking for the second floor.

Particle board was also laid on top of the I-joists.

On Saturday, the crew came back out to finish the second floor decking. They framed in the master trey ceiling and finished the spaces that were not load-bearing.

I thought the crew would stop there, but I got another surprise. They started the framing of the second floor!

Our second floor is not going to be ICF. The front of the house could have been, but the sides could not, because the walls did not line up over the lower ICF walls. We could have made some internal walls be ICF to enable the second to be ICF walls as well. But the second floor bedrooms are small to begin with, that I didn't want to take up square footage with the ICF walls.

I'd say they have framed half of the upstairs. I see the start of two bedrooms, one bath and a closet.

We don't have stairs to get up there yet, but I did see where they marked the balcony curve for the stairs.

 Little JCrew loves to go to the new house and explore. His imagination runs wild.

Each day is so exciting to stop by and see progress.

It's almost been a month since our monthly metrics, so I will have to update you on the stats. I was waiting for the second floor decking to be completed. That is another "milestone" to reach and marks another payment to pay invoices.

Friday, February 27, 2015

Snow - February 2015

I didn't think the snow was coming. We had a dusting last Friday, and the weather guy's were saying a bigger snow storm was coming Wednesday.

The city shut down Wednesday in anticipation. The boys stood watch at the door.

I then told the boys they needed to take their nap and snow would be falling when they woke up. Sure enough, it did.

It was the prettiest falling of snowflakes. Big clumps.

The boys woke up and we went outside to play.

We couldn't get enough. It continued to fall all the way to midnight.

Side note: Mr. Brigglesworth owns several thick jackets, but refuses to wear them. Even convincing him to wear two shirts was a battle. 

Telling Mimi to come outside and play!

All they wanted was a snow fight!

The dogs were caught by surprise. My three barely went outside.

Then Kates and Hunter took off in the snow.

They loved it. We could not get them to come inside.

The next day, everyone was building snowmen. We did not get to. Mr. JCrew tried, but Little JCrew got hysterical when he started to roll up the ball of snow. He didn't want him to.

First thing Thursday morning, we played in the snow. The boys liked to walk and then turn around to see their footprints.

Mr. JCrew and I walked to the new house with a shovel in our hand to remove the snow on the foundation. We thought this would help get the workers back out there to finish.

We only shoveled in areas where they hadn't laid the beams above.

We came back to the house and played in the snow more.

This time, with a boogie-board "sled."

Mr. Brigglesworth kept falling.

But each time he'd say he was fine, just dirty.

Poor kid fell the first step he took out the door on Thursday.

The boys did not want to come in. They got out their shovels and were hard at work trying to clear a path.

We had to drag them in for a nap. Once Little JCrew woke up, he was dressing himself with his hat and gloves. His signal that he wanted to go outside to play in the snow.

And then they were out there again this morning. The snow has melted off the roadways and walkways, but they are still shoveling that snow that is left.

We will miss our snow. We had a lot of fun. But I am dreaming of warmer weather. I get the need for Spring Break now!

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